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PA PM: Palestinian criminals are being armed and supplied by Israel, they “serve the occupation”

Headline: “Hamdallah: The security activity continues until all of the outlaws are arrested”

“[PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said that the Palestinian leadership… is determined to put an end to the phenomenon of security anarchy.
In a press conference that he convened at the end of the [PA] government meeting at the Jericho and [Jordan] Valley district offices, Hamdallah added: ‘We emphasize that there is unceasing security activity. There are a few groups of outlaws, and we will act to arrest all of the outlaws – dealers of weapons, drugs, and stolen and illegal vehicles, and those who committed crimes of murdering civilians. We will arrest these criminals and put them on trial’…
Hamdallah said: ‘We salute the [PA] Security Forces for their unceasing activity to protect the security, homeland, and citizens. We also express our condolences to the family of heroic Martyr (Shahid) [Hassan Ali] Al-Haj (i.e., PA Security Forces member who was killed by armed men in the Balata refugee camp). I express my condolences to the entire Palestinian people and to the security establishment over the Martyrs of the Security Forces and all of our people’s Martyrs’…
Hamdallah explained: ‘There remain in the Balata refugee camp – and I emphasize, the Balata refugee camp is a respectable refugee camp – fewer than 10 wanted people. The number one wanted person was arrested yesterday (two days ago) [parentheses in source], and citizens must know that most of the weapons that reach these outlaws arrive in Israeli crates with seals. This proves with whom they are working; they are serving the Israeli occupation, whose goal is to awaken anarchy throughout Palestine. These are not respectable people, and the Palestinian people is not connected to them. They must turn themselves in immediately.’
The prime minister emphasized: ‘We have much evidence of where the weapons and ammunition reach these outlaws from. Yesterday they brought in Israeli Channel 2 reporter [Ohad Hamo] under their auspices, because Israel wants to say that there is anarchy in the PA territories.’”