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PA TV repeats libel that Israel imposes “fictional Jewish character” on Jerusalem through “Judaization” and is trying to rid Jerusalem of Arabs

Official PA TV interlude
The TV Lexicon on the “Judaization” of Jerusalem

Official PA TV announcer: “The Judaization of Jerusalem – a concept meaning all of the Israeli occupation’s attempts whose goal is to erase the Arab Islamic identity and change the Arab and Islamic characteristics that represent the true cultural face of the occupied Arab city of Jerusalem, and to stamp it with a new fictional character that is called the Jewish character through the Israeli occupation. History does not recall that any city has been subjected to attempts to erase and change its characteristics, identity, and history through forgery, alteration, manipulation, and false claims in the way that the city of Jerusalem is subject to them. In addition, settlers are brought to the city, and the city is flooded with settlements both within the city and outside it. At the same time they are confining the steps of the [Arab] residents of the city, expelling them from it, and pushing them outside of its boundaries by using different forms of harassment and punishment.
Israel began implementing these steps against Jerusalem immediately after its occupation in 1967 as part of clear goals [to gain] full control over the city and ending the Arab presence within it.
As part of the settlement, the occupation worked diligently to widen what are called the boundaries of Jerusalem towards the east and north with the goal of annexing the settlements, military concentrations, and settlement blocs into the boundaries of Jerusalem – a number that has reached more than 29 settlements – which allows increasing the number of settlers and reducing the number of [Arab] citizens of Jerusalem. All of this is achieved by expropriating thousands of dunams of Arab lands on which settlements have been established, encircling the Palestinian neighborhoods and limiting their expansion and the natural building expansion, distancing Jerusalem and its environs from its natural environment, ending the geographical continuity, and harming the nature of the Arab Islamic building that pulses in the depths of history and harming its beauty in the Old [City of] Jerusalem, its environs, and its villages.
At the same time, the occupation authorities are acting to expropriate the lands of the citizens and expel them, as expelling the [Arab] citizens of Jerusalem is considered from the Israeli occupation state’s perspective as one of the valid means to create a new reality, through which the number of settlers exceeds the number of original [Arab] citizens of Jerusalem, who are the owners and people of the holy city [of Jerusalem].”
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