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Official PA daily glorifies "Martyr" who planned suicide bombing that killed 9

Headline: "The Martyr who died silently"
     "The sorrow still surrounds Tubas after the assassination of released prisoner Mazen Fuqaha (i.e., terrorist, planned suicide bombing in which 9 were murdered) in Gaza by four bullets that were shot by unknown people from a rifle with a silencer, settled in his body, and put an end to his life.
After a forced absence of 15 years from the town of Tubas where he was born, Martyr (Shahid) Fuqaha was buried in the city of Gaza, far from his town, family, relatives, and friends.
Fuqaha studied at An-Najah National University and completed his studies in 2001. After completing his studies he became 'wanted' by the Israeli occupation forces until they succeeded in arresting him in 2002.
Muhammad Fuqaha said about his son the Martyr: 'He was quiet and never fought with anyone.'
'Quiet Mazen, I still remember the moment of his arrest. No one believed that this shy young man was behind a large operation that shook the occupation state. Until now there are some that do not believe,' wrote one of the residents of the neighborhood where Mazen lived on his Facebook page.
With the escalation of the Al-Aqsa Intifada (i.e., PA terror campaign 2000-2005) that occurred in 2002, the occupation arrested Mazen in Tubas in 2002 after putting him on the wanted list, and Israel conducted a broad military operation in the West Bank the same year.
Mazen was sentenced to 9 life sentences and another 50 years. He served 10 years before Israel released him in 2011 in the [Shalit] prisoner exchange deal.
'Immediately after his release, the occupation expelled him to Gaza. His mother and I went and participated in his wedding ceremony in Gaza, and we used to talk to him on the phone after we returned,' said the Martyr's father."

Mazen Fuqaha - Palestinian Hamas terrorist convicted of planning the suicide attack on bus no. 361 at the Meron Junction in northern Israel on Aug. 4, 2002. 9 were murdered and approximately 50 were wounded in the attack. Fuqaha was sentenced to 9 life sentences and an additional 50 years of imprisonment, but was released in the Shalit prisoner exchange deal brokered between the Israeli government and Hamas in 2011 and deported to Gaza, where he continued to engage in terrorist activity. Fuqaha was killed in March 2017 by unidentified assassins. Hamas blames Israel for his assassination.