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Allowances to families of Martyrs significantly exceed pensions from PA National Security Forces

Headline: “A family calls on the [PA] president to move its wage earner’s salary to [be under] the Families of the Martyrs [and Wounded] Institution”
“The family of late Alaa Al-Din Darwish Al-Qabbani (i.e., Fatah member who died of an illness) from the Bureij refugee camp in the center of the Gaza Strip asked [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas to act to move its wage earner’s salary (ratib) from the [PA] Insurance and Pension [Authority] to [be under] the [PLO] Families of the Martyrs [and Wounded] Institution.
The deceased’s son Aed Al-Qabbani said that his father worked in the [PA] National Security Forces at the rank of soldier until his death as a result of a medical error, and he left behind a family of 10 people, most of whom are children and school students.
The deceased’s son Al-Qabbani added: ‘We as a grief-stricken family were struck with shock when the [PA] Organization and Administration Bureau in Ramallah determined that our father is a Martyr (Shahid) but moved his allowances (mukhassasat) to the Insurance and Pension Authority, because the sum of this allowance does not exceed 850 [Israeli] shekels [per month], and does not cover the expenses of a family of 10 people.’
He asked the president to give an order to move his father’s salary from the Pension Authority to the Families of the Martyrs Institution.”

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