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Hamas official says change to Hamas charter is "a tactical step," maintains "our land is all of Palestine"

"Member of the Hamas movement's political bureau Mahmoud Al-Zahar emphasized... in an interview with the Lebanese [TV] channel Al-Mayadeen that is close to Hezbollah... that the new document that Hamas will publish does not constitute a new face, but rather explains the reality and fundamentals of the movement.
He said: 'Our principles say that our land is all of Palestine, including the land that is under occupation (i.e., Israel).' He also noted that the talk in the document about establishing a state in the West Bank and Gaza 'is a tactical step that does not harm the right of the Palestinians to all of the land of Palestine.' Al-Zahar continued: 'We are not a copy of Fatah. We are not a copy of a failed project.' He noted that only the Jews who occupied Palestine are the movement's enemies, and not all of the Jews."
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