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PA daily claims Israel “executed” a terrorist stabber “on the pretext that she tried to carry out a stabbing operation”

Headline: “The Martyr – mother of the Martyr”

“The occupation police shot and executed citizen Siham Rateb Nimr (49) (i.e., terrorist, tried to stab Israeli police), a resident of the Shuafat refugee camp, next to the Damascus Gate of occupied Jerusalem yesterday [March 29, 2017], on the pretext that she tried to carry out a stabbing operation. Martyr (Shahida) Nimr is the mother of Martyr Mustafa Nimr, who was shot by the occupation and died as a Martyr at the Shuafat refugee camp on Sept. 5, 2016 (see note below –Ed.)…
Eyewitnesses emphasized that the Martyr was not carrying any sharp instrument (sic., she was caught on security cameras trying to stab the officers with scissors), and that the occupation police officer wanted to shoot her in the head. At first the occupation’s police claimed that ‘An Arab woman, who arrived from within the Old City and turned towards a post of the police forces and border police, took out a knife and tried to stab them.’ However, the occupation police took it back later and claimed that the woman was holding scissors!”

Image credit: Israel Police Spokesperson

Siham Nimr – a 49-year-old female Palestinian terrorist who tried to stab Israeli police officers and border policemen with scissors at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on March 29, 2017. She was shot and killed by the officers during her attack. Siham Nimr was the mother of Mustafa Nimr, who was shot and killed by Israeli border policemen at the Shuafat refugee camp on Sept. 5, 2016, when he rode in a car his cousin Ali Nimr was driving at high speeds while drunk, crashing into vehicles as he approached the border policemen causing them to think they were the target of a car ramming attack.