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Speaking at university event, PLO official warns of impending "popular intifada"

Headline: “Karake visited a prisoners’ exhibition at An-Najah [University] and participated in a meeting of the national [and Islamic] forces in Nablus”
“Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake said that, in the shadow of the battle of freedom and dignity that the prisoners are waging by launching an unlimited hunger strike, the Prisoner’s Day events this year will be extraordinary and comprehensive. These events are a message from the Palestinian people to the world that we are a people that is interested only in its freedom and having the occupation leave our lives so we will be able to live in dignity.
Karake said that the Prisoner’s Day events will turn into a popular intifada, the breaking of the chains, and the release of the prisoners. He added that these events are a response to the ongoing steps of oppression against the prisoners’ rights and the taking of their fighting and national identity, in light of the ongoing official incitement against them and the arbitrary laws that the occupation government is legislating that harm the prisoners’ dignity and violate international law.
Karake’s statements came after his meeting with acting President of An-Najah [National] University Dr. Maher Al-Natsheh and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Muhammad Al-Amleh.”

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