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Ten-year-old student journalist asks PA Minister of Education to start program to teach students about "struggle and sacrifice" of the "Martyrs"

Headline: “Saidam: Al-Quds University is committed to the ministry’s orders”
“[PA] Minister of Education and Higher Education [and Fatah Central Committee Deputy Secretary] Dr. Sabri Saidam met yesterday [March 30, 2017], at his office… as part of the In the Minister’s Chair program, with female student Janna Jihad , the youngest journalist in the world.
Saidam praised Janna’s courage, her success in ‘the profession of troubles’ – journalism, and the fact that she documents the struggle of the village of Nabi Saleh, which is northwest of Ramallah…
Janna asked to establish committees in the schools that will provide a national education to the students by hosting families of Martyrs (Shahids) and prisoners who will tell them about their struggle and sacrifice.”

Janna Jihad is a ten-year-old Palestinian girl and member of the Tamimi family, and thereby a relative of the terrorist Ahlam Tamimi who was an accomplice in the suicide bombing at the Sbarro pizza shop in 2001 in which 15 people were murdered, among them 7 children. Janna Jihad films confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers in the West Bank and Jerusalem and uploads them to Facebook. Some of these videos have featured Janna herself provoking Israeli soldiers at checkpoints.

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