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Life coach on PA TV: Teaching children to hate is “dangerous”

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, on teaching children to love and not hate others, hosting Palestinian life coach Hassan Mafarjah

Official PA TV host:
“We have Israeli neighbors, and they do us wrong; how will we accustom our children to love these neighbors? Yesterday [March 31, 2017] we saw how five [Israeli] soldiers in Jerusalem caught a small boy… How will this child become accustomed to loving the Israeli neighbor?”
Palestinian life coach Hassan Mafarjah: “I say that it is natural to hate. There is no problem in hating some of the situations, the inhuman situations that we see on TV, but how will you manage this hate? ... Will you hate everyone because of this situation? No. We need to define the situation that we are angry about, the situation that has done us wrong, and we will not expand the circle. These sights are dangerous for children. Maybe some people will be surprised by my statements. It could be that some people educate the children to see [these sights on TV] and will show what [the soldiers] are doing to us. I say that mentally it is dangerous for the generation. Sometimes our generation goes in the direction of general hate and spreads hate towards everyone.”