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Fatah in Gaza accuses PA PM Hamdallah of lying about reductions in salaries to Gaza employees, calls for his resignation

Headline: "Fatah in east Gaza: Hamdallah's statements are empty of content and illogical, and he must resign"
“The Fatah Movement’s east Gaza branch said that '[PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah’s statements today, Friday [April 7, 2017], regarding the latest reduction of the salaries of the public employees in the southern districts (i.e., the Gaza Strip) have exposed the extent of the national crime that has been committed.'…
Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said today that the [PA] government has in the last decade transferred approximately $17 billion from the [state] treasury to the Gaza Strip.
He added: 'The basic salary of the Gaza Strip [public] employees has not been harmed, and only some of the additions have been reduced, while other additions remained as they were, so that we can manage the financial crisis that is befalling us.'
The [Fatah] branch said that these statements 'are illogical and empty of content.' It noted that the claim that the reduction applies only to the additions without any harm to the basic salary in any way is ‘a hollow and inaccurate statement.' It added that the additions of the civilian and [PA] Security Forces employees are a right anchored in law and must not be harmed.
The movement added: 'If the government's version regarding the difficult financial crisis is correct, why are all of the Palestinian [public] employees not harmed by it in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip alike, and primarily the prime minister and ministers?'"