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Rare statement against violence by PA TV host of kids’ program: “We are against violence!"

PA TV host: "Our episode today is different, my children friends, since today [we are hosting] special friends. They want to tell the whole world and all the children that through love we can live a wonderful life. Through love, my children friends, and through mutual understanding, all problems are solved – and no to violence! Our friends from Ras Karkar came today to participate in today’s episode and to tell all of the friends that we are not in favor of violence at all, and no problems are solved by violence, right? ... What do you want to show us? Wow, ‘‘Stop the violence,’’ right! We are against violence! What is that, a knife too? We are also against everything - all means of violence."
Boy: "Everybody is exposed to violence. We need to stop it in ways such as mutual understanding, freedom of expression, and we should be sincere and not lie."
Text: ‘‘Stop the violence’’
[Official PA TV, The Best Home, April 14-15, 2017]
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