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Hamas: Every Muslim Fetus Seeks Jihad

Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook  |

While the mosque is perceived by many as simply the Muslim house of worship, a Hamas religious leader explains that it is actually "the prime factory educating Jihad Fighters." Furthermore, he asserts, Jihad - the war to spread Islam over the entire earth - is so integral to Islam that every Muslim fetus in the world calls for unity through Jihad. 

The following is the transcript:
"True foundation and education start in the mosques... Do you realize what the mosque is? It is a prime factory educating men to fear and please Allah; [it is] the prime factory educating Jihad fighters...
The mosque is the life of Muslims, and the symbol of their courage and honor... The Palestinian fetus in its mother's womb, the Muslim fetus throughout the world in its mother's womb, call [on Muslims] to unite through fear of Allah, through pleasing Him, and through choosing Jihad and Resistance [terror]."

[Al-Aqsa (Hamas) TV, April 24, 2009]