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Full text of letter sent by imprisoned terrorist Marwan Barghouti to Palestinian students

Headline: "From Barghouti to the students of Palestine: 'Knowledge is your weapon to liberate the homeland'"

     "Fatah Movement Central Committee member and member of the PA Parliament (Legislative Council) prisoner Marwan Barghouti (i.e., terrorist who orchestrated three shooting attacks in which 5 were murdered), ... who is serving 5 life sentences, sent a letter from within the prison to all the young people of Palestine, and to the students in particular, in which it is stated: 'I write this letter to you from my small cell, which is small for the great prisoner and the free man. However, the chains that bind the body cannot bind the willpower, as the soul is nurtured by the love of the land of Palestine and its people.' ...

'... The Palestinian prisoner has succeeded in turning the prison into a base for the struggle, contemplation, culture, strengthening of the willpower, and deepening of the [sense of] belonging. These colonialists wanted the prison to constitute a graveyard for the fighters, but the prisoners, with their resolve and willpower, have stood against the hangman and the jailor and turned the prison into a station for renewing the strength, strengthening of the [sense of] belonging, and deepening of the experience. The secret of the resolve, perseverance, and energy is in our deep belief in the justice of the matter for which we are fighting and sacrificing, as Palestine is among the most just and noble causes of our time. Therefore, we sacrifice all that we possess with happiness and joy so that our land will be free and sovereign, as the free and sovereign homeland is what gives meaning to dignity and honor.'

Barghouti added: 'The struggle for freedom is of the highest order, and is even the pinnacle of human sentiment. Our mighty people is carrying out resistance (i.e., PA euphemism for terror and violence) and has been fighting for more than 100 years. It has ignited rebellions, intifadas, and popular uprisings (i.e., term includes the use of violence), and resisted in every way. There are many ways to resist the colonialist - knowledge, culture, literature, art, fiction, poetry, drawing, music, popular folklore, heritage, working the land and agriculture, building schools, universities, and institutes, producing national products, boycotting Israeli merchandise, and exposing the occupation's crimes.'

He continued: 'My dear male and female students, my dear children, when you read this letter I will be in solitary confinement, in a place the rays of the sun do not enter. I will be alone, but every morning anthem you sing will reach my ears. We are waging the battle for freedom and dignity with an unlimited hunger strike; and this is the prisoners' weapon, just as knowledge is your weapon to liberate your homeland and your people. This is because the path to the freedom of our land is hard and long, as freedom is the supreme value of peoples and human dignity, and the struggle for freedom is the realization of the greatest meanings of freedom itself. Your brothers the prisoners have already chosen the path of resistance to the apartheid and occupation regime, and I say to you that in order to be creative in resisting the colonialist, we must be creative in our studies, education, and culture. I say to you - I was arrested for the first time when I was in high school, I took the matriculation exams in prison, and continued on the path of study and obtained a bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctorate. This was despite being imprisoned for more than 23 years, expelled for seven years, and subjected to pursuit and assassination attempts. I say this to you in order to emphasize to you that the path of studies and the national path go side by side, and that education is the key to change in the battle of the peoples and nations. What I mean is modern education, which provides wide room for scientific professions and philosophy, teaches the children critical thinking, and strengthens the mentality of dialogue, accepting the other, partnership, pluralism, freedom of opinion, thought, and faith, and personal freedoms, in light of the fact that [this mentality] constitutes the true realization and greatest expression of the freedom of the peoples, nations, and homelands.'

In conclusion, Barghouti said in his letter: 'I and my brother prisoners who are waging an unlimited hunger strike call on you to express your solidarity and write in your notebooks 10 times every day: 'Freedom and dignity for Palestine.' Allow me to also shake the hand of every one of you and to kiss your pure hands and raised foreheads. I say to you as our Palestinian poet Tawfiq Ziyad from Nazareth said: 'The prison cell has not weakened me and my shoulders have not fallen, but rather I will remain upright with the flag of Palestine in my hand waving high until freedom, return, independence, and dignity are achieved.'"
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The terms "all means," "peaceful uprising/resistance," and "popular uprising/resistance" are often used by PA leaders to refer to events that include violence and deadly terror against Israeli civilians such as rock-throwing, stabbings and even shootings. See Mahmoud Abbas' reference to murderous terror as "peaceful" during the 2015-2016 terror wave ("The Knife Intifada"), which included numerous stabbings, shootings and car ramming attacks in which 40 people were killed (36 Israelis, 1 Palestinian, 2 Americans and 1 Eritrean) and hundreds wounded.

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