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Suicide bomber honored a year later by a youth procession and a monument to the "Martyrs"

Headline: " A call to release the prisoners’ bodies that are being held by the occupation"
"Attorney Muhammad Alyan called for the immediate release of the Martyrs' (Shahids') bodies being held by the occupation authorities in the name of the Martyrs' relatives. He emphasized during a rally organized in the Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem, on the first anniversary of the death as a Martyr of Abd Al-Hamid Abu Sorour (i.e., terrorist who carried out suicide bombing) that there is no statute of limitations on loss…
The rally took place after a procession at whose head stood groups of scouts, which passed through the streets of the refugee camp on the way to the Martyrs' monument in the Aida refugee camp, and Martyr Abd Al-Hamid's mother Izhar Abu Sorour and the Martyrs' mothers unveiled [the monument]."

Abd Al-Hamid Abu Sorour – 19-year-old Hamas terrorist who on April 18, 2016, carried out a suicide bombing attack on bus no. 12 in the Talpiot neighborhood in southeast Jerusalem. 21 people were injured in the attack. Abu Sorour died of his injuries a few days later in an Israeli hospital.

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