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PA high school hosts released terrorist who participated in kidnapping-murder of 16-year-old Israeli

Headline: "The Sawahrah School for Girls hosted two released prisoners and singer Sana Musa"
     "The Eastern Sawahrah High School for Girls marked Palestinian Prisoner's Day today [April 19, 2017] through solidarity with the hunger striking prisoners who are waging a [hunger] strike battle for dignity. The school hosted two released prisoners Bashar Al-Khatib (see note below –Ed.) and Abd Al-Fattah Doleh (i.e., terrorist, participated in murder of 1) and singer Sana Musa as part of the Palestinian Prisoner's Day events…
School Principal Sa'eda Qatanani in her speech praised the resolve of the prisoners within the occupation's prisons. She said: 'It is a joy for all of us to mark Prisoner's Day as part of our national obligation.' She emphasized that we are standing by the prisoners in the battle that they are waging under the leadership of fighter Marwan Barghouti (i.e., terrorist who orchestrated three shooting attacks in which 5 were murdered)…
Released prisoner Abd Al-Fattah Doleh said: ‘After 12 years of imprisonment, I was released about 10 months ago, and I have many stories that I have experienced during the period of my imprisonment which are still engraved in my memory.' He also saluted the resolve and sacrifice of the prisoners that are waging a hunger strike in order to obtain their demands."

Bashar Al-Khatib – a terrorist in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades (Fatah’s military wing) who served 15 years in prison for being involved in attacks in Jerusalem.

Abd Al-Fattah Doleh – Member of the Tanzim (Fatah terror faction). He served a 12-year sentence for his participation in the kidnapping and murder of 16-year-old Ofir Rahum on Jan. 17, 2001, and was released on June 30, 2016. Amna Muna (a female accomplice) met Rahum in an Internet chat room and engaged him in an online romance that culminated in his agreeing to meet her. She drove him to Ramallah, where they were met by Doleh and another accomplice, Hassan Alkadi, who shot Rahum to death.

Marwan Barghouti
– Palestinian terrorist who is serving 5 life sentences for orchestrating three shooting attacks that killed 5 people: one attack in Jerusalem (June 12, 2001) in which Greek monk Tsibouktsakis Germanus was murdered by terrorist Ismail Radaida and another unidentified terrorist, another attack at a gas station in Givat Zeev near Jerusalem (Jan. 15, 2002) in which Yoela Hen, 45, was murdered by terrorists led by Mohammed Matla, and one shooting and stabbing attack at the Sea Food Market restaurant in Tel Aviv (March 5, 2002) in which Eli Dahan, 53, Yosef Habi, 52, and Police Officer Sergeant-Major Salim Barakat, 33, were murdered by terrorist Ibrahim Hasouna. When arrested by Israel in 2002, Barghouti headed the Tanzim (Fatah terror faction). After he was convicted and imprisoned, he was re-elected member of the Palestinian Authority parliament. On Dec. 4, 2016, he was elected to Fatah's Central Committee.