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Terror glorifying event in London cancelled following PMW exposure

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Terror glorifying event in London cancelled 
following PMW exposure
Yesterday, Palestinian Media Watch exposed that the Palestinian Mission in the UK was involved in the screening of a film honoring imprisoned terrorist Marwan Barghouti, which was to take place next week at the Mayfair Hotel in London. Within hours after PMW released the story, the hotel announced that the event was canceled due to "standard due diligence" undertaken by the hotel:
"A spokesperson for the Edwardian Hotels London said: 'We were recently approached by the State of Palestine to host a private screening at The May Fair Theatre. As is usual business practice, we reviewed the request and undertook standard due diligence, following which we have decided to not progress this event any further.'"
[Jewish News, April 19, 2017]
Although the spokesperson has announced that the event will not take place in the hotel, the invitation to the event  on the Palestinian Mission in the UK's official website still as of now [April 20, 2017, 15:00] lists the Mayfair Hotel as the event's location:


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