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PMW op-ed: The Palestinians will pay blood money to Hannah Bladon’s killer. How should Britain respond?

Itamar Marcus  |

The Palestinians will pay blood money to Hannah Bladon’s killer.
How should Britain respond?

With the PA set to pay a monthly salary of up to £2,500 to the terrorist who murdered a young British woman, the UK must take the lead in opposing Palestinian terror


Itamar Marcus

While Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas is busy getting ready for his trip to the United States next month, where he will plead for financial aid for the PA, his Ministry of Finance is busy doing the paperwork to start paying a monthly salary to Palestinian terrorist Jamil Tamimi.

Why is Tamimi suddenly joining the PA payroll? Last week he murdered British citizen Hannah Bladon in Jerusalem, and for this the PA will be rewarding him with a monthly salary, that eventually will reach £2,500.

According to Palestinian law, any Palestinian terrorist imprisoned for “resisting the occupation” receives a high monthly salary. According to Palestinian Authority practice, “resisting the occupation” includes every violent terror attack by Palestinians including stabbings, shootings and car rammings.

Murdering woman, children and babies will guarantee a Palestinian terrorist prisoner a salary for as long as he is in prison.

The most notorious terrorist prisoner of all, terrorist Abdallah Barghouti, responsible for the murder of 67 civilians by building bombs for suicide bombers, has already received from the PA nearly £200,000.

His bombs blew up the Sbarro pizza shop, Sheffield Club in Tel Aviv, Moment Café in Jerusalem, the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall, the Hebrew University Café and a No. 4 bus in Tel Aviv.

Today there are approximately 6,500 Palestinian terrorist prisoners on the PA payroll. The PA rewards them every month for terrorism, and this generous arrangement cost the PA budget more than £100million in 2016 alone, according to the PA’s publicised budget.

Which bring us to the newest beneficiary of Palestinian Authority generosity with donor countries money, Jamil Tamimi, who murdered Hannah Bladon.

He approached her on a Jerusalem train and stabbing her repeatedly until she died, turning him into a Palestinian Authority hero.

Even though the PA intends to reward it terrorists for killing Israelis and not British citizens, since the terrorist assumed Hannah was and Israeli, even though it turned out she was British, since his intentions were honorable and he will be rewarded.

It’s PA law.

Mahmoud Abbas, who is about to be welcomed by the new US administration as if he is a serious peace partner, is the person responsible for financially rewarding the terrorists.

With terror by Muslims worldwide being treated everywhere as a most serious international problem, it is shocking that Abbas, who financially rewards his Palestinian murderers be welcomed in Western countries.

If the international community wants its war on terror to be taken seriously, Mahmoud Abbas must be told: Rewarding terror makes you a terrorist; stop paying salaries to terrorist or you will be treated as a terrorist. If Palestinian terror is ever to be uprooted, the international community, especial the leaders of the democratic countries, must isolate and ostracise the PA leadership until it stop acting like a terror organisation.

What can Britain do?

With the PA about to pay a salary to a terrorist who murdered a young British woman, this is a good opportunity for Britain to take the lead in fighting Palestinian terror.

If Britain is to ignore that Mahmoud Abbas is rewarding the murderer of a British citizen, and accept him as a legitimate leader, it will be an insult to every British citizen. The British government should announce that funding terror is an act of terror, and that PA leaders, including Abbas the one primarily responsible for PA terror funding, will henceforth, be prohibited entry into the UK.

Only when until Abbas announces that the PA has stopped paying salaries for terror should the doors be open to him again.

If Britain is willing to take the lead at this critical juncture, many lives, of both Israelis and Palestinians, will be saved in the future.



The author is director of Palestinian Media Watch. PMW’s most recent report on PA salaries to terrorists, entitled “The PA’s Billion Dollar Fraud,” has brought considerable international action against the PA’s paying salaries to terrorists.