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Palestinian school honors terrorist prisoners and their families

Headline: “The Imreish School for Boys honored the prisoners’ families”

“The Imreish School for Boys yesterday [April 20, 2017] held a tribute to the village’s prisoners. Present at the tribute were School Principal Jihad Tbeish, teaching staff members, [PA-funded] Palestinian Prisoners’ Club members…, and Village Council Head Sami Al-Sha’arawi…
The ceremony host was Head of the Culture Committee Sharif Qazzaz. In the beginning, teacher Salah Al-Masri recited verses from the Quran, and afterwards the Prisoner Issa Darabi (i.e., terrorist, murdered 1) and Martyr (Shahid) Na’im Al-Shawamreh (i.e., terrorist, murdered 1) Scout Groups of the Imreish Co-ed School were presented.
The school principal gave a speech in which he welcomed the prisoners’ families and noted them by name. He called on all members of the Palestinian people to unite around the support for the prisoners’ cause, which is a just cause, and encouraged everyone to stand by the prisoners’ just demands.
Afterwards, the daughter of prisoner Issa Darabi, Atheer Darabi, gave the prisoners’ speech in which she expressed gratitude and appreciation for the school principal and the teaching staff for the tribute and the interest in the prisoners’ cause…
At the end of the ceremony, the prisoners’ families were honored, including [the families of] prisoner Issa Darabi… and prisoner Mamdouh Amr.”

Issa Darabi – a Palestinian terrorist who was a member of PA Presidential Security Force 17 and former bodyguard of Yasser Arafat. On July 9, 2001, Darabi detonated an explosive targeting an Israeli army jeep in the south Hebron region and murdered Israeli soldier Shai Cohen. Darabi also placed an explosive on a road targeting the Israeli Army Chief of Staff’s convoy in November 2001. Darabi is serving a life sentence.

Na’im Al-Shawamreh was sentenced to life in prison for planting a bomb that killed Israeli policeman Yossi Hayoun in 1993. He became sick with muscular dystrophy in prison and was released in December 2013 as one of the 104 terrorists Israel agreed to release to fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing negotiations. He died on Aug. 16, 2016.

Mamdouh Amr – a Palestinian terrorist who attempted to stab Israelis at Gush Etzion Junction on Feb. 24, 2016. Israeli soldiers opened fire on Amr and wounded him, but also accidently shot and killed Israeli reserve soldier Eliav Gelman, 30, who was trying to stop Amr. Amr has yet to be sentenced.

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