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PA Ministry of Women's Affairs expresses concern over rise in murder of women in the Gaza Strip

Headline: "The [PA] Ministry of Women's Affairs expresses concern over the escalation in crimes of murdering women in the Gaza Strip"
"The [PA] Ministry for Women's Affairs expressed great sorrow and concern over the rise in the extent of violence and murder against women in recent days, in the shadow of the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and the rise in the amount of Israeli violations of human rights.
This evening, Sunday [April 23, 2017], the ministry strongly condemned all of the violence and murder being committed against women in a press release. The ministry demanded that the relevant parties take firm legal steps to stop all forms of the crimes of violence against women, and particularly the crimes of murder. This is in order to prevent the perpetrators from evading punishment, whether the goal was theft or protecting the honor of the family, or due to the use of drugs, which muddle a person's brain and humanity. [The ministry said that] the first of these steps must be the enforcement of the law that considers crimes of murdering women to be crimes of deliberate murder and not accepting any justification for mitigating a sentence, allowing the perpetrator to evade punishment…
The ministry also demanded to remove the strangling blockade from the Gaza Strip in order to improve the financial situation, which has led to a worrying rise in the rates of unemployment and poverty, along with the quick legislation of laws that will guarantee the elimination of violence and discrimination."