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PA will continue to pay salaries to terrorists, says PLO official

Headline: “Karake: New prisoners will join the [hunger] strike”
“Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake… said today, Sunday [April 23, 2017], in an interview with Radio Mawtini… that [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s statements about stopping the salaries of the prisoners’ and Martyrs’ (Shahids’) families are rejected outright. He noted that [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas has emphasized that he will not shake off the prisoners’ and Martyrs’ families, as they are part of the fundamental national principles for which the Palestinian revolution broke out. He also said that Netanyahu’s statements are unacceptable and illogical as they define the Palestinian national struggle as terror, and he noted that the Israeli occupation is an absolute terrorist in its inhumane behavior against the Palestinian people.”

In a governmental meeting on April 23, 2017, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “The Palestinian Authority needs to stop funding the terrorists sitting in prison and stop funding the families of terrorists who were killed while committing their crimes. This is a simple and clear test of the Palestinians’ desire for peace. You cannot be in favor of peace with Israel, and at the same time glorify and fund the murderers of Israelis and the murderers of other innocents.” The statement came after Netanyahu, in an interview with Fox News on April 21, 2017, called on the PA to “stop paying terrorists.”