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Official PA Spokesman: Iran submitted to nuclear agreement, harms Palestinians while “serving Israel”

Headline: “The [PA] presidential office and Fatah: The Iranian statements harm our people, are unacceptable, and irresponsible”
      “The [PA] presidential office and the Fatah Movement condemned the statements of the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Aide Hussein Sheikh Al-Islam, which harmed the Palestinian people…
Official [PA] Presidential Office Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina said: ‘The statements by the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Aide Hussein Sheikh Al-Islam and his verbal attack on Palestinian [PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas] and the Palestinian people’s struggle are unacceptable and irresponsible, especially considering the fact that the one whose country contributed to creating the [Fatah-Hamas] rift and its continuation has no right to talk about Palestine and its people.’ He said that ‘This policy is what has encouraged the continuation of the rift, and as a result has increased the suffering of the Gaza Strip.’
He added: ‘Likewise, one whose country signed the nuclear submission agreement must not interfere in the internal Palestinian affairs and verbally attack the president of the State of Palestine and the leader of Fatah, which for dozens of years has fought all of the enemies of the Palestinian people and the Arab nation and guarded the Palestinian principles.’ He called on Iran ‘to stop interfering in our internal affairs.’
Abu Rudeina added that Iran, which has fomented the civil wars in the Arab world, must not speak in a way that serves only Israel and the enemies of the Arab world. He said: ‘We demand that the government of Tehran not allow statements such as these, which harm the Palestinian people and its struggle for the liberation of Jerusalem and the holy sites’…
Fatah said yesterday [April 30, 2017] in a statement that the Iranian position does not contribute to strengthening the struggle against the dangers, and particularly the attempts to Judaize Jerusalem. It demanded that the government of Iran stop fomenting the rift and weakening the Palestinian position. The statement also said: ‘Any attempt to harm the Palestinian president [Abbas] and Fatah chairman and to harm the movement’s struggle will only serve Israel and the enemies of the Arab nation.’”

The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Aide Hussein Sheikh Al-Islam told the Hamas news source Al-Risala on April 30, 2017, that “what [the] PA and Mahmoud Abbas are perpetrating at the expense of the Palestinian people in Gaza is a crime,” and accused the PA of conducting a “proxy war against Gaza” on behalf of Israel. His comments came in the wake of PA cuts to electricity payments and public employees’ salaries in Gaza.

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