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PA TV claims disabled American Jew, murdered by terrorists, was instead murdered by his wife

Official PA TV program The TV Dictionary, on the hijacking of the ship Achille Lauro in 1985

Official PA TV narrator: "When the ship (the Italian ship the Achille Lauro –Ed.) left Egypt, the self-sacrificing fighters (Fedayeen) received the weapons, and after a while they thought they had reached the territorial waters next to Ashdod [in southern Israel], and they began to clean the weapons and prepare them. One of the guards on the ship heard them and they were discovered before they reached their target. So they decided to hijack the ship and gathered the passengers in the dining room. During the uproar, an old American was killed when he fell into the water (sic., the hijackers shot and murdered him and threw him overboard in his wheelchair, see note below). His wife was accused of being responsible for the deed and the self-sacrificing fighters had nothing to do with it."

On Oct. 7, 1985, 4 terrorist members of the Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) hijacked the Italian boat, the Achille Lauro, as it was sailing from Egypt to Israel. On Oct. 8, 1985, they shot and murdered Jewish American Leon Klinghoffer and threw him overboard in his wheelchair. The ship was released after negotiations in exchange for the hijackers receiving safe conduct off the ship. The PLF originally denied responsibility for his death, blaming Klinghoffer's wife. However, in 1996 PLF leader Muhammad Zaidan accepted responsibility, and in 1997 the PLO reached a financial settlement with Klinghoffer's family.

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