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Fatah official: "The PA will reject any proposal" for stopping the salaries to terrorists and their families, the prisoners are "Palestinian fighters"

Headline: “Leadership members, released prisoners, and prisoners’ families to Wattan: ‘We refuse Trump’s demand of President Abbas to stop the prisoners’ allowances”
      “After Palestinian [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas’ visit to the White House and his meeting with American President Donald Trump yesterday evening [May 3, 2017], the White House published a statement in which it was explained that Trump demanded of Abbas that the PA stop paying the allowances (mukhassasat) of the prisoners, Martyrs (Shahids), and injured as a step towards a peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis… This statement stirred opposition and anger among Palestinian groups, and particularly [among] the prisoners, their relatives, and the parties taking care of their matters, and also among the political echelon.
Fatah Movement Deputy Chairman [and Fatah Central Committee member] Mahmoud Al-Aloul said in an interview with the [independent Palestinian news] agency Wattan that the PA will reject any proposal that demands to stop taking care of the families of the Martyrs, prisoners, and injured through the transfer of monthly financial allowances (mukhassasat). He added that this is a national cause, and that the American administration and the occupation encountered a refusal on this matter.
Al-Aloul noted that the injured, Martyrs, and prisoners are Palestinian fighters, and that we must under no circumstances accede to the pressures to stop their allowances.”
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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke on May 3, 2017, about the meeting between US President Donald Trump and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas the previous day, and said: “President [Trump] raised concerns about the payments to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails who have committed acts of terror and to their families and emphasized the need to resolve this issue.” He also noted that Trump had talked to Abbas about preventing incitement in Palestinian media outlets.

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