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PLO official falsely claims Netanyahu and Kerry signed document authorizing Palestinian terrorist payments

Headline: "The PA holds a document [authorizing] the payment of the prisoners' salaries through the PLO fund"
     "Ahmed Majdalani, PLO leadership member and advisor to [PA President] Mahmoud Abbas, said to [Israeli TV] Reshet Bet that there is a document in the hands of the Palestinians authorizing them to pay salaries to the families of the security prisoners imprisoned in Israel from the PLO coffers, rather than from the Palestinian Authority coffers. According to the report, [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Advisor] Attorney Isaac Molho, PA senior official [and PLO Chief Negotiator] Saeb Erekat, and former American Minister of Foreign Affairs (i.e., Secretary of State) John Kerry are signed on the document that was achieved three years ago."

Editor’s note: This article included a translation of an article from the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom from May 4, 2017. The following is the direct continuation from where the above article left off and which was not quoted in the Arabic article: "…, and it will be presented to [US] President [Donald] Trump. Until now, an agreement of this sort has not been presented. [Israeli] Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu’s] office said that this is ‘another Palestinian fabrication that never happened, and that is meant to divert the conversation from the demand to stop the funding of terrorists by the PA.’"

Ahmed Majdalani also holds the following positions: Secretary-General of the terror organization Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF), and member of the PLO Executive Committee.