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Abbas lies - Will Trump buy?

PMW staff  |
Abbas lies - will Trump buy?

by PMW staff

Last week, Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas told President Trump in a statement broadcast around the globe that the PA raises its children on "a culture of peace."

The next day Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said Abbas' statement was "not true." This PMW video is the proof.

All of the clips in this video are taken from the official Palestinian Authority TV channel and reflect the PA's official messaging and ideology. The collection is clear evidence that the Palestinian Authority actively indoctrinates Palestinian children to hate.

The following is a transcript of the video:

Who is telling the truth? Benjamin Netanyahu or Mahmoud Abbas?
PA Chairman Abbas: "Mr. President, I affirm to you that we are raising our children and our grandchildren on a culture of peace." [White House Press Conference, May 3, 2017]
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: "I heard President Abbas yesterday say that they teach Palestinians teach their children peace. That's unfortunately not true." [May 4, 2017]
Who is telling the truth? You decide!
The following broadcasts are from official Palestinian Authority TV controlled by the Palestinian Authority
Young children: "My rock, my rock has turned into an AK-47 (rifle)."
PA TV host: Bravo!
[Official PA TV Jan. 20, 2017]
Young boy: "As we slaughtered them in your streets, Beirut
For you, Yasser Arafat, for you we shall die...
Tomorrow we will take our vengeance, and their leader will be carried in a coffin
We, Fatah, are a storm, and our blood is food for the revolution."
[Official PA TV Jan. 6, 2017]
Young boy: "Fight the Jews, kill them, and defeat them."
[Official PA TV March 22 and 25, 2015]
Clips of young children: "To war that will smash the oppression and destroy the Zionist's soul"
[Official PA TV Jan. 29, 2013, Official PA TV March 1, 2013, Official PA TV April 25, 2014, Official PA TV Feb. 19, 2016, Official PA TV March 17, 2017]
Young boy: "Pick up your rifle, resist and terrify [them]...
Destroy, shock, burn and set fire"
[Official PA TV Live Sept. 16, 2014]
Clips of young children: "O Sons of Zion, O most evil among creations
O barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs"
[Official PA TV July 3, 2013, Official PA TV May 29, 2015, Official PA TV Sept. 12, 2014]
Young girl: "Allah's enemies, the sons of pigs...
They raped the women in the city squares...
Where are the nation of Islam and the Jihad fighters? ..."
PA TV host: "Bravo, applause!"
[Official PA TV March 22, 2013]
Satan: I've built my plan on the burning hate and loathing of Muhammad and his supporters, that fills the hearts of the Jews.
[Official PA TV, July 29, 2013 and Fatah-run Awdah TV, June 25, 2016]
Clips of young children: "Our enemy, Zion, is Satan with a tail"
[Official PA TV April 7, 2012, Official PA TV May 8, 2012, Official PA TV May 13 and 14, 2014]
Young girl: "Our enemy, Zion, is Satan with a tail..."
PA TV host: "Thank you very much. I really like this poem."
[Official PA TV Nov. 6, 2015]
Teenage girl: "We say that Palestine exists, and Palestine will return to us, and there is no such thing as Israel."
Host: Bravo!
[Official PA TV Nov. 6, 2015]
So who is lying?
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