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Contrary to PA libel that Israel abuses and experiments on prisoners, mother of prisoner says son’s “health is stable”

Headline: “Fatima – The tent of solidarity is her dwelling place”

“For the last 23 days, Fatima Salim, 60, has made the tent of solidarity with the prisoners that was established in the center of Salfit her dwelling place, in order to be with her son prisoner Ahmed Salim (i.e., terrorist, involved in murder of 2) and with the prisoners’ families who have turned the tent into a home that unites their sighs, shouts, tears, and consolations.
Sixteen years ago, the occupation’s soldiers injured young Ahmed Salim, 36, with five bullets throughout his body while he was in his yard. Afterwards, they arrested him, and later on he was given a harsh sentence – 2 life sentences and an additional 25 years.
In the tent, which is decorated with pictures of prisoners, Fatima decorates her chest with a picture of Ahmed, alongside mothers bearing pictures of their sons and holding them close to their chests, while asking the Creator to release them and return them healthy and whole to their arms.

Fatima said: ‘We have been in the tent from the first day and return to our homes at night. Here we console each other, and friends and many people who understand us and experience our suffering visit us.’
She added: ‘My son Ahmed was among the best of the youth of Salfit. He was in his second year of accounting studies at Al-Quds Open [University], and was among the young people who feel [a sense of] belonging to the homeland. Allah decided that he would not remain among us, but he is the one who best understands our suffering. He was arrested during the last nighttime prayer of the month of Ramadan in 2001, after being chased for a year.’…
She continued: ‘Ahmed suffered from scoliosis in his legs from a young age, and I worked at the Casablanca Center until I gathered money to pay for the surgery and took him for treatment in Jordan. However, the occupation army destroyed the treatment when the expanding bullet exploded in his body, as all of his joints and his pelvis are now made out of platinum, and he also has plates in his legs. Nonetheless, praise Allah he leads a normal life, his health is stable, and his morale is high, and I visited him regularly once every four months in order to slightly calm my concern over his situation.’”

Ahmad Salim – Palestinian terrorist and Fatah activist who was involved in the shooting attack in which terrorists Bilal Abd Al-Fattah and Ahmad Hussein Madi shot and murdered Avi and Avital Wolanski and wounded their 3-year-old son in the Jewish town of Eli in the West Bank on Aug. 5, 2002. Salim is serving 2 life sentences and an additional 25 years.