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PLO political faction condemns proposed Israeli law to cut funds transfered to PA, honors "sacrifices" made by Palestinian people

Headline: “The People’s Party rejects the extortion attempts whose goal is to stop the payment of the Martyrs and prisoners’ allowances”
“The Palestinian People’s Party (i.e., a PLO faction) expressed its strong opposition to the vote in the Israeli Parliament [on June 14, 2017] in a first reading of a bill to cut the salaries of the Palestinian prisoners in the occupation’s prisons (sic., the bill calls to deduct the PA terrorist salaries from taxes collected by Israel for the PA), in a cheap attempt by the occupation to extort and rob the Palestinian people’s money.
The party said in a press statement that this constitutes severe contempt for the sacrifices that have been made by the Palestinian people and its sons, who have given their lives for national freedom and independence. It added that the Palestinian people honors and appreciates the fact that they have sacrificed their lives and freedom.”