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Fatah official in Gaza: Palestinians’ “right of return” is holy, “land will return to its owners”

Headline: "Abu Samhadana: The right of return is holy and no statute of limitations will apply to it"

"Fatah Movement [Gaza] Leadership Council member Abdallah Abu Samhadana emphasized that the right of return is a holy right to which no statute of limitations will apply, and that the Palestinians everywhere they are located still dream of the return. He emphasized that it will definitely happen and that the land will return to its owners…
Abu Samhadana said in a statement that reached [the independent Palestinian news agency] Ma'an: ‘Sixty-nine years [have passed] and the occupation's gamble that the adults would die and the young would forget has been proven false by the generations, who are still bequeathing the guardianship of this right from generation to generation. These generations prove that a right, which has someone who demands it, will never be lost, and the right of return will continue to be one of the pillars of the Palestinian cause and the national enterprise."