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Al-Aqsa preacher calls to "destroy Trump" and for extermination of Jews

Aqsa Calls, YouTube  |
Al-Aqsa Calls YouTube channel, speech by Salafist preacher Ali Abu Ahmad at the Al-Aqsa Mosque

Salafist preacher Ali Abu Ahmad: "Servants of God, the Satan from the White House, [American President Donald] Trump, who does not have even the most minimal human and ethical values, will meet with the rulers of the small countries of destruction in order to talk to them about moderate Islam. Trump will be in Saudi Arabia, and afterwards will visit the Jewish entity, and afterwards the Vatican, and in this way he will visit all three religions. This means that Trump wishes to strike a blow against Islam and the Muslims by [saying] there is no hatred towards Judaism and Christianity, and starting form today we will be an example of tolerance and love and cooperation in order to strike a blow against the Muslims, who Trump calls the extremists, and we have no one but Allah to depend upon…
The Muslim prisoners in the occupation's prisons are hunger striking, while the rulers of Saudi Arabia spend millions in order to receive the head of the heretics, Trump. Servants of God, this is indeed a crusade against Islam and the Muslims. Servants of God, nation of Islam, your rulers are going out to action, but not to save you, but rather to plot against you…
The traitor from Jordan has enlisted his army, but not to liberate the destination of Allah's messenger [Muhammad's] Night Journey (i.e., the Al-Aqsa Mosque), but rather to murder Muslims in Syria, in order to please his masters…
Allah, provide us with the righteous caliphate soon, according to the prophets' custom. Allah, destroy Trump and the plotters. Allah, destroy all of the Jews."