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Convicted Palestinian terrorist finishes BA while in Israeli prison

Headline: "Jum'a Ibrahim [Adam], the prisons have known him since 1988"
     "Jum'a Adam (i.e., terrorist, involved in murder of 5) was born in 1969 in Jericho, and was arrested in 1988 at the age of 19 and sentenced to life together with his friends Ahmad Takrouri and Mahmoud Kharabish (i.e., terrorists, also involved in murder of 5). During the first Intifada (i.e., Palestinian wave of violence and terror against Israel, 1987-1993) he threw Molotov cocktails at the occupation’s military vehicles. The occupation imposed a closure on all of the areas of the West Bank, tightened the closure on Jericho, searched nearly every house, and made collective arrests during the search for the three young people who threw the Molotov cocktails…
Jum'a completed his high school studies within the prison, completed his university studies, and has obtained a bachelor's degree. He is studying for a master's degree in Israel Studies at Al-Quds University, despite suffering from several illnesses, and together with the prisoners he led all of the unlimited hunger strikes to improve the humanitarian living conditions in the prisons."

Jum'a Adam, Ahmad Takrouri, and Mahmoud Abu Kharabish – Palestinian terrorists who threw a Molotov cocktail at an Israeli bus in Jericho in 1988, murdering a mother and her 3 children, as well as an Israeli soldier who tried to rescue them. All 3 terrorists were sentenced to life sentences. Takrouri was released in the Shalit prisoner exchange deal in 2011. Adam and Kharabish were released in 2013 in an Israeli gesture as part of peace talks.

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