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Palestinian killed in clashes stated he was hoping to die, because "70 beauties are waiting for me"

Headline: "Saba Abu Obeid: Sound cries of joy if I die as a Martyr"
"On the day of rage that was held on Friday, May 12, 2017, Saba Nidal Abu Obeid, 23, died as a Martyr (Shahid) after he was wounded by a gunshot to the chest. The bullet split his heart on the lands of Nabi Saleh village, north of Ramallah, during a procession of support for the prisoners waging the hunger strike...
'The greatest sacrifice a mother can bear is to separate from her son,' said the Martyr's grandmother. She added that one night she stayed awake with his mother, and he took food and sat at the room's entrance... [She said:] 'He asked me to sound cries of joy if he died as a Martyr. I told him: "Everyone who seeks Martyrdom-death (Shahada) is entitled to achieve it, but I want to marry you off and rejoice in your happiness." He told me: "Grandmother, 70 beauties are waiting for me in Paradise, why should I replace them with the women of this world (i.e., Islamic tradition teaches that a Shahid [Martyr] marries 72 Virgins in Paradise)?'"
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Saba Nidal Abu Obeid - A 23-year-old Palestinian rioter who took part in large violent clashes with Israeli army forces at Nabi Saleh, northwest of Ramallah, on May 12, 2017. Abu Obeid threw rocks at the forces and in response they shot and wounded him with a small metal Ruger bullet, which is considered to be non-lethal and meant for crowd dispersal. Abu Obeid later died of his wounds.

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