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Terrorist murderer earned master’s degree in prison

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
Headline: “Prisoner Walid Daqqa, an intellectual and writer from within the prison”

“With the prisoners’ hunger strike entering its 40th day, prisoner Walid Nimr As’ad Daqqa (i.e., terrorist, murdered 1) still insists on continuing the battle of ‘freedom and dignity’ until achieving the demands of the prisoners’ movement or Martyrdom-death (Shahada)…
Walid acquired broad knowledge and higher education during the period of his arrest, and he earned a master’s degree in political science. He is considered one of the greatest intellectuals and most educated of the prisoners’ movement, and has written several books.”

Note: Contrary to the claim that Israel tortures Palestinian prisoners, many are able to even study and obtain degrees while they are incarcerated in Israeli prisons.

Walid Daqqa - Israeli Arab member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). He is serving a life sentence for being part of the squad that kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldier Moshe Tamam in 1984.

Hunger strike (April-May 2017) Palestinian terrorist prisoners launched a hunger strike on April 17, 2017, which ended on May 27, 2017, after an agreement was reached. While the prisoners had issued a list of demands, reportedly only the demand to have the Red Cross reinstate a second monthly family visit for prisoners was agreed to. Nevertheless, the PA has claimed the development as a victory.