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PLO Executive Committee defends Palestinian National Fund; denies link to terror funding

“The PLO Executive Committee convened last night [May 30, 2017], led by [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas…
The Executive Committee condemned the maneuvering and tricks of [Israeli Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu and his government’s top officials, and their desperate attempts to divert attention from their aggressive and expansionist policies that are contrary to peace, and [their attempts] to fabricate crises with the Palestinian side in order to avoid the obligations of a political solution to the conflict. One time this is in the name of the Jewish state, and another time it is through an attempt to turn the [PLO] Palestinian National Fund into a terror organization (see note below –Ed.). The [PLO Executive] Committee emphasized, in a manner that leaves no room for doubt, that the Palestinian National Fund is a red line and a PLO national institution, and that it will continue in its national and humanitarian role.”

PNF declared terrorist organization by Liberman:
On March 16, 2017, Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman declared the Palestinian National Fund of the PLO a terrorist organization. The fund manages financial aid received by the PLO from different sources. The Israeli Ministry of Defense declare the fund a terror organization due to the fund's "massive support for elements responsible for committing severe acts of terrorism against Israel," and stated that the fund serves "as a significant financial pipeline for tens of millions of shekels that are transferred on a monthly basis to security prisoners held in Israel for committing acts of terrorism and to members of their families," and that "the fund also supports family members of terrorists who were wounded and killed while perpetrating acts of terrorism against Israel." It also stated that "the necessary steps will be taken, in Israel and abroad, to seize and forfeit the property and money belonging to the fund.”
Palestinian Media Watch has documented that the PA uses the Palestinian National Fund to transfer money for terrorist salaries to the PLO.

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