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Fatah youth movement criticizes Norwegian condemnation of center named after Dalal Mughrabi, expresses pride in terrorist

Note: Shortly after PMW reported on this center, which had been funded by the PA, Norway, and the UN, Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende condemned the center and demanded that the Norwegian money donated to it  be returned. The UN, including UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, also condemned the decision. Shortly afterwards, Denmark also demanded its funding to the Palestinian NGO that had founded the center be returned.

Headline: "Fatah's Shabiba condemns the position of the UN and the government of Norway regarding the institution named after Dalal Mughrabi"
     “The Fatah Shabiba [youth] movement in the West Bank condemned the position of the government of Norway and the UN against the women's center named after Martyr (Shahida) Dalal Mughrabi (i.e., terrorist who led murder of 37, 12 of them children) in the village of Burqa, northwest of Nablus, that determines that the funding and support must be stopped, on the pretext that the center encourages violence, incitement, and terror.
Fatah's Shabiba noted yesterday [May 31, 2017] in a statement that it would be more befitting if the UN – whose envoy Count [Folke] Bernadotte was murdered in 1948 by the Zionist Stern Gang – would check the public streets, squares, and parks in the occupation entity that are named after hundreds of war criminals, terrorists, and people involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity [and] civilians – children, women, and elderly – in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and other states.
Fatah's Shabiba also condemned the position of Norway's government, which is led at the moment by the extremist right, and noted that this hostile position towards our people and its social institutions is part of the outrageous siding with the occupation. It proudly saluted the Norwegian people and our friends from the various progressive parties and institutions in Norway, who have always proved that they stand by truth, justice, and freedom.
Fatah's Shabiba saluted with honor and pride those responsible for the Martyr Dalal Mughrabi Center in Burqa, and emphasized its pride in the services it provides to young people and the educational programs it holds to raise awareness. It called on the national institutions providing sponsorship and the patriotic and dedicated wealthy Palestinians to support the center and provide all that it needs to continue providing its services. This is so that its activities will not be stopped for financial reasons, which would constitute a severe precedent in Palestinian society and submission to the programs of the occupation government and its media, which is a partner to the occupation and the crimes against our people.
Fatah's Shabiba completed its statement by emphasizing its constant pride in the Martyrs of Palestine, in the Martyrs of the Arab and Islamic nation, and in all of the free people in the world who have paid with their lives for freedom, justice, and independence. It proudly saluted the prisoners, wounded, and exiled, and all of our people's fighters who have paved the path to freedom and independence for our people. It also emphasized that our people's Martyrs are fighters for freedom and justice, and against racism and occupation, and that they are waving flags that point toward Jerusalem, the capital."
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Dalal Mughrabi led the most lethal terror attack in Israel’s history, known as the Coastal Road massacre, in 1978, when she and other Fatah terrorists hijacked a bus on Israel's Coastal Highway, murdering 37 civilians, 12 of them children, and wounding over 70.

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