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Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister tells Israeli radio: "Go to the wonderful website of Palestinian Media Watch – PMW. They are doing holy work"

Galei Tzahal  |
“Go to the wonderful website of Palestinian Media Watch – PMW!
They are doing holy work!”
Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister tells Israeli radio, June 4, 2017

Interview with Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotoveli on Israeli radio:

Interviewer: “Did Israel make real ‘fake news’ for Donald Trump and [PA Chairman] Mahmoud Abbas by cooking up a video recording in order to enable Trump to reprimand Abbas?”

Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely:
“Not at all, I’ll tell you something… These things are public. We don’t need an intelligence service for this. Go to the wonderful website of Itamar Marcus - Palestinian Media Watch, PMW. They are doing holy work through an intensive tracking of the PA textbooks; they are tracking the contents of the [PA] state broadcasting channels. Certainly the truly frightening data that the [Israeli Parliament’s] Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee published last week [following a presentation by PMW director Itamar Marcus - Ed] on over a billion shekels that are going to fund an industry of terrorists’ families – look, these are things that Israel doesn’t need a secret intelligence service for. Today I see an official publication on research on this entire issue, [PMW Report] on the phenomenon of [the PA] naming schools after arch terrorists; this is a phenomenon that is spreading.

“So wait, madam deputy foreign minister, Trump basically went to Itamar Marcus’ website and there he found the material?”

“No, I’m trying to say that this is open and known. Hillary Clinton, in the previous elections (sic., at a press conference with PMW in 2007 when Clinton was senator –Ed.), said that the Palestinian Authority is poisoning the minds of the children. That wasn’t because Israel cooked up a recording for her, but rather because [in PMW’s presentation to her] she really sees things.”

“Okay, so the question is did Israel have any kind of role in turning the attention of the President of the United States to this matter? Did the Israelis tell him ‘pay attention’?”

“… I personally was witness time after time to the screening of [Prime Minister Netanyahu’s] presentation on the issue of incitement [which includes PMW videos -Ed] when he meets senior officials from the world – yes, we are completely proud that as part of the fact that we are talking in an open discourse about the political situation between us and our Palestinian neighbors, we are showing them [foreign officials] their [the Palestinians’] true intentions so that they won’t be captivated by all sorts of statements by them in English, because in the end it is a test of incitement… They are not interested in peace, I’m sorry. Many, many years Israel has been arguing this and we have evidence. And this is the situation, this incitement needs to stop and there is a process that we have started over the last year which is a call on the governments abroad: ‘Stop funding the Palestinian Authority…’”
[Galei Tzahal, Israeli army radio station, June 4, 2017]

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