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PA cuts funding to 277 released terrorists following U.S. demand

Headline: "In accordance with the American request, Abbas' government has stopped the salaries of hundreds of released prisoners"
     "Local media outlets, which quoted released prisoners in the Gaza Strip, noted that [PA President] Mahmoud Abbas’ government has stopped the salaries (rawatib) of dozens of them and the released prisoners in the occupied West Bank.
Released prisoners that were expelled to the Gaza Strip said that when they went to the banks to receive their salaries, they were surprised [to discover] that this month's salary did not come through. They clarified that 277 released prisoners did not receive their salaries this month and demanded that all of the relevant parties press the PA to return their salaries.
[Manager of the NGO] Prisoner Information Center Office Abd Al-Rahim Shadid said in a statement to Safa, a [news] agency close to Hamas, that dozens of released prisoners were surprised today [June 4, 2017] when they went to receive their salaries from the banks in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, [and discovered that] the PA had stopped their salaries.
He condemned this step, considered it ‘first and foremost compliance with the occupation's pressures,' and described it as unpatriotic and unethical.
He called to undo this step, and noted that they are examining carrying out steps together with the released prisoners and the prisoners' families in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip alike.
This step comes in coordination with American President [Donald Trump's] demand that Mahmoud Abbas stop the prisoners' and Martyrs' (Shahids’) salaries."