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Fatah denies Jewish history: Jews have no historical right to “claim ownership over land or settle in it”

Link to op-ed article and text from the article posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

Posted text: “We explicitly note that it is forbidden for any member of the Jewish religion to claim yesterday or today that he has a national, genetic-hereditary, or tribal connection to the Arab Yemenite Children of Israel who have disappeared from the world. It has already been proven scientifically to those who claim this that there is no such connection (sic., research has proven Jews share such connections and Yemenite Jews still exist -Ed.), and so too regarding the claims about a land or wall (sic., there is abundant archaeological evidence proving the Jewish connection to Israel and the Western Wall –Ed.).
We say that no one today has the right to claim ownership of any place that is considered in their eyes as holy or a place that is forbidden to enter for anyone other than them, as in the case of the lies of the Promised Land, the Holy Land, and the Chosen People. Otherwise, all of the Christians of the world would come to live in Palestine, as it is holy to them, which is something that has never doubted, and it is likewise holy to the Muslims. An ancient example of this is the wars of the Europeans - the invaders called Crusaders – which were waged in the region.
Therefore, no members of any religion, and particularly the Jews who currently are comprised of a number of different nationalities, have a right to claim ownership over a place, to conquer it, and to settle in it, or to claim that its sanctity grants them ownership over it and allows them to steal it to establish their state in it.”