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Abbas condemns terror attack in London

Headline: "The [PA] president conveys condolences over the victims, condemns the attack, and emphasizes: 'We oppose all forms of terror'"
"[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday [June 4, 2017] condemned the terror attack that took place in London, the capital of Britain, which left dozens of killed and wounded innocent people (see note below –Ed.). The president said: 'We convey our warm condolences to the queen of Britain, the government of Britain, and the British people, and also to the families of the victims of the terror event. We emphasize our permanent position that opposes all forms of terror.’"

On June 3, 2017, terrorists rammed a van into people on the London Bridge and then continued to Borough Market, where they emerged from the van and stabbed people, murdering 7 and wounding dozens of others. The terrorists were shot and killed by police. ISIS later claimed responsibility for the attack.

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