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Abbas cancels salaries of Fatah MPs who oppose him

Headline: “Source to Amad: Abbas’ government is stopping payment of the salaries of Fatah Parliament members (including names) [parentheses in source]”
      “A source in the PA Parliament (Legislative Council) confirmed that the PA – in accordance with the personal decision of [PA President] Mahmoud Abbas and without any legal basis – has stopped paying salaries to [some] members of the PA Parliament from the Fatah Movement.
In a phone conversation with [the independent Palestinian news website] Amad, the source confirmed that the [PA] Ministry of Finance has carried out the president’s decision to stop the payment of the salaries of several Fatah Parliament members for reasons connected to their political positions and opinions, and not due to criminal cases or breaking the law. He added that the decision to stop the payment of the salaries was not made by legal bodies, but by political bodies…
The source said that the decision to stop payment of the Parliament members’ salaries is in opposition to the parliamentary immunity that protects them from any step until legal proceedings are taken to remove the immunity as a first step, and afterwards the Parliament member is brought before an authorized court…
Amad has learned that among the Parliament members whose salary payment was stopped for the month of May are Najat Abu Bakr, Jihad Tamalia, Shami Al-Shami, Na’ima Al-Sheikh Ali, Alaa Yaghi, Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ayla, Majed Abu Shamaleh, and Ibrahim Al-Masdar.”

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