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Palestinian human rights group: PA cutting some released terrorists’ salaries disrespects their “role in the struggle and defense of Palestinian people’s rights”

Headline: “Addameer again emphasizes its position against the policy of stopping the payment of salaries”

“The human rights organization Addameer condemned the [PA] government’s stopping payment of the salaries of several released prisoners in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. It said that ‘This policy, which was implemented in an arbitrary and illegal manner, is a response by the PA to the Israeli and American demands to stop paying the prisoners and the released [prisoners].’
According to the Addameer organization’s figures, the PA Ministry of Finance paid the allowances of the prisoners’ families and the released prisoners’ salaries on June 4, 2017, but over 250 released prisoners from all of the Palestinian factions, who were released in the ‘Loyalty to the Free’ deal (i.e., Shalit prisoner exchange deal) and were convicted in the past of murdering Israelis by the Israeli occupation authorities, were surprised when their allowances and salaries were not paid…
It demanded that the PA respect the prisoners and value their role in the struggle and the defense of the Palestinian people’s rights, instead of fighting against them and their families through their livelihood.”