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PLO official: US-Palestinian committee will discuss prisoners issue, incitement

Headline: “Abu Yusuf to Wattan: Trump proposed a joint Palestinian-American committee to discuss ‘incitement and prisoners’”
“PLO Executive Committee member [and Secretary-General of the Palestinian Liberation Front] Wasel Abu Yusuf yesterday evening [June 6, 2017] told [the independent Palestinian news agency] Wattan that the Palestinian-American committee that will soon be assembled is the result of a proposal by American President Donald Trump during his meeting with [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem. Abu Yusuf added that the committee will be composed of five Palestinian members and five American members, and their names have yet to be decided. Abu Yusuf noted that a three-way Palestinian-American-Israeli committee was supposed to convene to discuss the Israeli claims regarding incitement from the Palestinian side. However, Prime Minister of the [Israeli] occupation Netanyahu opposed convening the committee, and Trump proposed assembling a bilateral Palestinian-American committee. Abu Yusuf explained that the goal of assembling the committee is to examine the Palestinian position and its details, and to discuss the issue of the prisoners and the Martyrs (Shahids), in order to outline the deal that Trump is talking about, and also to update the Palestinian side on America’s position.”

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