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PA security forces raid offices of Fatah parliamentarians and arrest one of them

Headline: “The [PA] Preventive Security [Forces] raided the office of Fatah Parliament members from Gaza in Ramallah, seized its contents, and arrested MP Yaghi”

“This evening [June 12, 2017] the PA Preventive Security Forces raided the office of Fatah [PA] parliament (Legislative Council) members from Gaza, which is located in Ramallah. They arrested several of the employees there as well as several parliament members, including Alaa Yaghi.
Those conducting the raid caused damage to the contents of the office and conducted a search there, and afterwards they seized its contents as well as the private telephones of the employees and of Parliament Member Alaa Yaghi.
Even though the property of the parliament members, their offices, their cars, and all of their mobile assets are protected by law, and it is forbidden to conduct a search of them according to clause 53 of the amended constitution, nevertheless this is not the first time that the [PA] Security Forces have raided offices of parliament members or their cars, in what looks like a message of insistence by the executive branch on taking control over the legislative branch.
Eye witnesses noted to [independent Palestinian news website] Amad that the attack force behaved barbarically towards all those who were in the area and harmed citizens who were surprised by the size of the attack force, which would have been more appropriate for a raid on a terror organization’s building.”