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Fatah official and released prisoner in Gaza: The PA must continue the salaries

Headline: “The prisoners’ families in Gaza condemned the theft of the prisoners’ allowances (mukhassasat ) by the occupation”
“The prisoners’ families condemned the racist Israeli decision to stop the prisoners’ salaries (rawatib) (this refers to the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation approving a bill to deduct a sum that equals the PA’s terrorist salaries from taxes Israel collects for the PA. The bill has not yet been passed by the Israeli Parliament –Ed.). They emphasized that their sons are struggling for freedom, and they are prisoners of war and not criminals, and that Israel is the one that commits organized terror against our people, our holy sites, and our land…
Fatah Movement [General ] Commissioner for Prisoners' Affairs [in Gaza] released prisoner Tayseer Al-Bardini explained that this decision and Israeli law are not something new, as the occupation is always trying to burden our people and the prisoners, and to put them on the terror list even though they are struggling for freedom, just as has been anchored in the international conventions on human rights.
He emphasized that the PA’s role in opposing this decision is in providing the salaries to the prisoners and putting an emphasis on the prisoners’ rights and their ongoing path of struggle.”
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