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PA: Hamas uses "women and the sick" as smugglers

The Palestinian Authority has announced that Hamas is using "women and the sick" to illegally smuggle money to purchase military equipment. For years, Israel has blamed the suffering of civilians at roadblocks on terror infrastructures of both Hamas and Fatah, who have used civilians to transport bombs, weapons and money to finance terror.

Following is the translation of the announcement:
"Hamas uses women and the sick to transfer money illegally. The [Palestinian Authority] security services arrested six Hamas members and confiscated more than a million Euros that was in their possession... Nablus Governor Jamal Muhaisen clarified that the security forces [of the Palestinian Authority] confiscated documents dealing with the transfer of 38,000 Jordanian Dinars from abroad that were used for acquisition of arms for Hamas. He said that 'Hamas is using women and the sick to transfer money illegally.'"

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