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PLO official: Terrorists are “freedom fighters” who are a “source of honor for the world”

Headline: "Hashem: The prisoners and Martyrs are a basic national principle and their allowances are a political commitment and ethical obligation"

"Palestinian Liberation Front (i.e., member of the PLO) political bureau member Abu Saleh Hashem condemned the decision of the Israeli Parliament to approve yesterday [June 14, 2017] in a first reading a bill to deduct the financial allowances (mukhassasat) that the PA pays to the prisoners and Martyrs (Shahids) from the tax money that Israel collects for the PA…
Hashem responded to the approval of the bill that was submitted by Israeli Member of Parliament from the Yesh Atid political party Elazar Stern, the coalition, and members of the opposition factions… and also to American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s statements, according to which senior PA officials agreed to stop paying compensation to the families of those who carried out attacks in Israel.
Hashem said that the Palestinian prisoners and Martyrs are freedom fighters who were arrested and died for the freedom of their people and homeland as part of the necessary and lawful struggle against the occupation of their land. He also warned against the occupation government's attempt to define them as 'terrorists' and to criminalize them and their national struggle, which constitutes a source of honor and appreciation for the world and its free people.

He added that the occupation itself is terror and it is the reason for violence, and the one that needs to stand trial and be convicted is the occupation and the organized state terror that its government is committing.
He said that the prisoners and Martyrs are victims of the Israeli crimes and organized terror, and that the world must intervene to stop the aggression against the Palestinian people, its land, its holy sites, and its rights…

Hashem emphasized that the prisoners are one of the basic national principles, and supporting them and standing by them and their families are national and political commitments and a human and ethical obligation, and that no one can shirk it, whatever the pressures may be."

Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF) – A terror organization and member of the PLO. The PLF is headed by Secretary-General Wasel Abu Yusuf who is also a member of the PLO Executive Committee. The PLF has been responsible for numerous terror attacks, including the hijacking of an Italian cruise ship in 1985, in which one Jewish hostage in a wheelchair, Leon Klinghoffer, was shot, and then thrown overboard. The US has listed the PLF as a terror organization.