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PA blocks 11 websites of political opponents

Headline: “Ma’an exposes: This is how Ramallah explained the reasons for blocking 11 websites”

“A senior source in the PA revealed to a journalist [of the independent Palestinian news agency] Ma’an in Ramallah the reason for the blocking of 11 websites, which [PA] Attorney General [Ahmed Barrak] is checking lawsuits that have been submitted against them.
The source vehemently denied that the reason for blocking these websites is their association with [exiled Fatah leader Muhammad] Dahlan’s movement, or that they are close to the Hamas movement. He said that the real reason is the many lawsuits that were submitted against them to the attorney general, and the request to sue them on charges of cursing, fabrication, and harming the freedoms of individuals and organizations, as he put it.
It should be noted that sources confirmed that Attorney General Dr. Ahmed Barrak has decided to block 11 websites that are close to Dahlan and the Hamas movement, including the website of the Filastin Al-An agency, the Shehab news agency, the Ajnad website, [independent Palestinian] news website Voice of Fatah, [Hamas affiliated website] The Palestinian Center for Information, and [independent Palestinian news] agency Amad.”