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PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs: Abbas and PA leadership won’t give in to pressure, but will continue terrorist salaries

Headline: "Karake: The incitement against the aid to the families of the prisoners and Martyrs is aggression against the Palestinian entity"

"Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs [Issa Karake] said that the Israeli incitement against the aid that the PA gives to the families of the prisoners and Martyrs (Shahids) is open aggression against the Palestinian entity and its national, humanitarian, and social values and an attempt to undercut the PA and spur a difficult internal situation in Palestinian society…
Karake said: 'The world and the US should intervene to end the occupation that has caused the suffering of thousands of prisoners, the deaths of thousands of Martyrs, and the creation of an inhumane and tragic situation in the Palestinian society.'
Karake emphasized that the concern for the families of the prisoners and Martyrs, the aid to them, and the strengthening of their resolve will not stop, but rather continue. He also emphasized that the Palestinian leadership, [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas, and the Palestinian people will not submit to these pressures, which should have been turned against Israel as an occupying authority that is committing ongoing war crimes against the Palestinian people.
Karake explained: 'We oppose the criminalization of our people's struggles and the negation our prisoners and Martyrs’ national and fighting status and identity. Our people has a legal and lawful right to protect itself, its rights, and its right to self-determination.'"