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Three Palestinians arrested for eating in public by PA for ‘desecrating the sanctity’ of Ramadan

Headline: "The arrest of three people on charges of breaking the fast in public in Hebron"

"The police today, Sunday [June 18, 2017], arrested three people for publicly breaking the fast in the [Muslim fasting] month of Ramadan while they were on a public street in Hebron.
The notice of the police Department of Information and Public Relations explained that during a regular police patrol throughout the city in order to maintain the public security and order, it arrested three people on charges of breaking the fast in public and desecrating the sanctity of the month of Ramadan.
The notice added that the police officers noticed three people smoking, eating, and drinking cold drinks on a public street, in desecration of the sanctity of the month of Ramadan and disregard for the sensibilities of those fasting, and arrested them on the spot.
In the notice it was emphasized that the three that were arrested were detained for 24 hours and transferred to the attorney general to complete the legal proceedings against them according to the law."