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Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu tweets about PMW bulletin

Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu  |

Netanyahu assails Abbas in tweetstorm
on eve of new US peace bid
PM accuses Palestinian leader of lying to the world, ‘poisoning’ minds of Palestinians youth, as Jenin square named after infamous terrorist
By Times of Israel Staff, June 20, 2017
Amid resurgent US peacemaking efforts and the arrival of two top Washington envoys to the region, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Monday of lying that he wants peace and “poisoning” the minds of young Palestinians. “Palestinian President Abbas tells the world that he educates Palestinian children for peace. That’s a lie,” Netanyahu tweeted.

His ire came as the PA named a new square in Jenin after “martyr” Khaled Nazzal, who the premier noted was “a Palestinian terrorist chief who planned the 1974 Maalot massacre in which Palestinian terrorists murdered 22 school children and 4 adults.”

Palestinian Media Watch reported on the naming of the square Monday, noting that Nazzal, a member of the Democratic Front for Liberation of Palestine, also planned a 1974 abduction in Beit She’an which ended in the killing of four hostages, and a 1984 shooting attack in Jerusalem in which one person was killed and 47 wounded.

“Naming yet another public square for a mass murderer teaches Palestinian youngsters to murder Israelis,” Netanyahu said in further tweets. “That’s the very opposite of peace. President Abbas: stop poisoning the minds of Palestinian youth. Educate for peace, not terror,” he wrote...

The PA and its ruling Fatah party have a long history of lionizing “martyrs” — a term given to any who die at the hands of Israel, whether civilians or terrorists, with the latter often characterized as soldiers of the “resistance.” [The following examples were all exposed by PMW, Ed.]

Most recently the UN and Norway pulled support for a West Bank women’s center after it was revealed it had been named after a female terrorist. Numerous institutions and public spaces have been named in similar fashion.

In December Fatah honored the “most outstanding operations” against Israel — referencing terror attacks that killed 100 civilians. In October it praised a gunman who killed two Israelis in Jerusalem.

Palestinian television, including children’s programming, is rife with anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli messages.

Israeli officials have long complained that incitement and support from the PA in the form of praise, honorifics, and cash payments to the families of Palestinians killed during attacks encourages further terrorism.
Israel and the US have been pressing the PA to end such payments. Palestinians have said halting stipends is out of the question.