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PA Israeli affairs expert claims “Israel is the one supporting terror in Syria”

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, review of Israeli press headlines with Israeli affairs expert Fayez Abbas

Israeli affairs expert Fayez Abbas: “(Fayez Abbas reads an article in the Israeli paper Yediot Aharonot entitled “Israel is funding the rebels in Syria,” which references a Wall Street Journal report on Israeli funding to Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights to create a buffer against ISIS, and then comments on it – Ed.)
For five years already we have been talking about this matter on this program here - that Israel is the one supporting terror in Syria. And today an American newspaper comes that conducted an investigation on this. This isn’t an Arab, Russian, or Iranian newspaper.”

Official PA TV host: “These are official statements.”

Fayez Abbas: “Official statements from Moatasem Al-Golani , the spokesman of this rebellion (i.e., spokesman of the Syrian rebel group Fursan Al-Joulan).”

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